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Like so many people today, I’m concerned for America’s future.  At a time when families are cutting back because of a bad economy, our government has undergone its biggest increase in size and spending in our nation’s history.  Even worse, this unprecedented expansion has taken away or limited cherished personal freedoms.  Now more than ever it seems the old saying is true: Government is not the solution, it’s the problem.  

As a lifelong Watertown resident, I know simple, honest South Dakota principles can solve the problem.  Here, we still believe in hard work, self-reliance, compassion, charity, family, and faith in God and country.  By embracing the pioneering spirit of our past, we can build a brighter future.   

Principles do matter, and District 5 needs someone in the senate who accurately reflects their values. I believe in limited government that lives within a budget.  I believe South Dakota’s families should enjoy the security and well being that comes with lower taxes.  I believe state government should focus on helping businesses create quality jobs with good salaries.  I believe we must preserve the traditional American rights spelled out in the Constitution, whether that’s protecting ourselves through the 2nd Amendment or just having the right not to buy government health care.  

Finally, I believe we need to preserve a great America for our children.  As a longtime teacher, I know we need to give them the best education possible, but we also need to free them from the burden of enormous debt and an overreaching government. 

That's what I believe, and that’s what I will work to do as your state senator.

Help give District 5 a strong voice again. Vote Ried Holien for senate on November 6th.

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